The Mission:

To give women and girls the leadership and technology tools to make their own media and speak for themselves. 

The Vision:

Women and girls, through learning technology, leadership and communication tools from an early age, will become confident leaders in any industry that they choose to be a part of. Furthermore, they will be more prone to speak up for themselves and stop waiting for the media industry to change. By utilizing maker tools and software, we can speak for ourselves.  Therefore, we will be able to see more diversity in the stories being told of women and girls in movies, TV, video games, apps, websites, social media, etc. 

The Team:

                                                                                             Patricia R. Zablah , Executive Director and Founder             


Patricia R. Zablah, Executive Director and Founder            

           Fernanda Chouza,  Program Coordinator

           Fernanda Chouza, Program Coordinator

                 India Unger-Harquail,  Superstar Intern               


             India Unger-Harquail, Superstar Intern              

The Advisors:

Tom Gray

Vice President, Capalino & Company

Ryan Seashore

Founder & CEO,

Marina Zurkow

Activist & Artist

Miranda Massie

Executive Director, The Museum Launch Project

CV Harquail

Professor, Business, Howe School of Business

Stephanie Venia 

Brand Partnerships Expert, Culture Shop