A video game with a strong, smart female coder protagonist. Game Plot: Emma, while thinking about the code and story for her upcoming video game, falls asleep and gets trapped in a dream version of the code. She must defeat her inner demons (liver, fruits and the patriarchy) to release herself from the game and escape to make her game in real life.

It's a standard FPS game, built with Unity, and was presented at Hack It Back as a video game proposal. The girls worked together on storyboarding (Khira) and building/coding a working opening sequence prototype (Eram).

It is a Hack It Back because: The game concept was developed by the girls in response to their feelings of being minority figures, as women, in the video game community—whether that may be as the lone female video game coder or the girl who is put off by the portrayal of women in games. The was intended to hack back the role of women in gaming.

BY: Khira, 14; Eram, 15 and Michelle Cortese (mentor)

AT: Hack It Back BASE, August 11-15 2014